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“Honey, did you get Lisa ready. I am getting late for work”

“Riya, she is almost ready. I was supposed to leave five minutes ago. But I am still here. I know you need my help and our daughter is my responsibility as well. But you need to let me know in advance when you need my help”.

He is such a moron thought Riya. “Sam, we discussed last night that you were going to get her ready and I would drop her to daycare. I also have work you know. Your work doesn’t take precedence in this family. Why do you always think your work is more important than mine.”

Sam was tired of having this argument. The only memory he had of last night was of them bickering over their kitchen’s stuffed sink. “Ok, She is ready. I am leaving”. He placed his toddler in her crib and kissed her forehead before exiting the door. Fresh air filled his lungs and disipated his anger towards Riya. He had falled in love with her ever since he laid eyes on the brown beauty. He had never thought she would agree to go on a date with him but suprisingly she had. He was a little prejudiced against Asians and had thought of them as introverts. So, he had suppressed any hope of asking Riya out when their friends first introduced them in “The Posh” a pub near his apartment. When she started drinking and dancing, he could see her free spirit. Alcohol had made it easier to ask her out. Now they were parents to a beautiful, charismatic baby girl Lisa named after Sam’s grandmother. He was proud of Riya for braving her pregnancy and child birth. She had never tortured him like the stories he had heard from their friends. His love for wifey dear had grown the day he became a father. She had given him the best gift of his life. But just after a month home with the new baby, that love had started evaporating. Riya had totally changed. She felt like a different person. Always irritated, tired and frustrated. He tried to help her but she just pushed him away.
Sam was at his desk in office when his colleague Ann stopped by his office. He liked Ann. She was nice and pretty. Lately, he had started wondering about how it would feel to kiss another woman. Most of his days were  either spent with Lisa or ended up in a fight with Riya. Ann had often hinted about going for a drink after work but he had always excused himself. Today, he was tempted to have a nice time with her. His phone chimed. “Buy diapers on your way home. Thanks!” he saw the text from Riya. Next minute she was calling him. He gave a meek smile to Ann gesturing he had to take the call. As soon as Ann left, he picked up the phone. “You forgot to renew our lease Sam” Riya said furiously. He tried controlling his temper knowing it was his mistake. “I will take care of it Riya. I have work to do. I am hanging up”.
Riya had pushed his buttons again. He hated it when she got mad at him. His ego spat up and he went to Ann’s desk thinking if he was sinking, he would dive instead. “Is everything okay. You look stressed” said Ann. “It’s nothing” he replied. “Are you free for drinks today?”

 Daily Prompt: Tempted : Although this story is more about frustration, it is frustration that makes Sam give into the temptation of starting another relationship. Hope it makes sense from the write up. If not, suggestions are welcome. I am trying to get better at writing fiction :-).

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