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An Evening Walk

This is another short scene that I have described here.

It was 5.40pm when her manager left the office. Shubha was done for the day at 5pm itself but she never left before her manager. After all, it had just been a few months since she joined this office. She liked working here, especially because work was close to home & that she was finally with her husband Amit. They had stayed apart for more than half a year after their marriage. Only two months after  their wedding, both of them working in an  International IT firm in India, had got an on site in two different countries. Torn between career, family & future, they painstakingly decided to grab the opportunity. They decided that Shubha would try to get a job in the city were Amit was posted. To their luck, Amit ran into an old friend who worked in Alpharetta just a few miles away from Atlanta & whose company had a job opening in IT. Shubha applied & got the job. She moved to Alpharetta from Ipswich, UK. Life seemed better already.

Usually, she used to take a bus home. However, today she decided to walk owning to the apple cobbler she had had for dessert in the afternoon. A harsh chilly wind was blowing, but her full sleeve pullover saved her. She passed the parking area & was walking towards the bus stop which was on the left. Thoughts of a warm home, clove & ginger tea and the leftover Dhoklas from yesterday started clogging her mind. She shook her head & reminded herself of the calories she had accumulated that afternoon. So, instead of turning left, she turned right & crossed the street, walking toward the opposite side of the bus stop. She kept on walking without looking backwards, afraid it might change her mind. To distract herself, she started looking at the ground. She was walking on the grass since there was no walkway for pedestrians half the way. Many  semi dried leaves were spread over the grass. She had never seen such beautiful shades of a leaf. She had  an urge to pick one up but felt silly of getting that thought. She was already a married women & it wouldn’t be appropriate to act like a kid. She walked on.

Soon, she came on a bridge that overlooked a freeway. When Amit had told her about the freeways, she  had wondered why did they not call it the highway like they call it in India. She still referred to them as highways in front of Amit. She looked down at the freeway, at all the cars traveling at a speed of 80-100 miles per hour. It reminded her of the computer game she used to play with her brother. For a moment, the world she was standing in looked like a computer/video game. A lot of fast cars on neat roads surrounded by greenery & no human around. She smiled at the thought & kept on walking. Often when she was deep in thought, she had a feeling that she was looking at the world from the glass window of the television. That was when she found herself laughing at her own self.

She reached a point on the road where the walkway started. She was happy to finally walk on a neat ground. Also, she could see the community before her apartments. Even though there was a lot of distance from the actual houses, she tried to look inside. She was at a higher level & if tried hard, could see the balconies of the residents. One of the balconies had patio chairs with cushions, another had plants all over. And then her vision was blinded by the shining Sun. She couldn’t  see on her left where the houses were. So she kept looking at  the line of cars on the right. After a while, she took a left turn, walked for few mins, passed the main door & reached her building. She climbed upstairs and unlocked the door, thinking about the hot tea & that Amit would be home soon.

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